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Wave Power
Wave power or wave energy comes from the waves in the ocean. Tides are created by the gravity of the moon and to a lesser extent the sun. This causes a bulging of the water on Earth that rotates with the moon thus creating higher and lower water levels at different times. Waves are created by the wind blowing across the surface of the water creating ripples, stronger winds means larger or stronger waves.

Passat machine wave Energy Converter

There are various methods and technology used in generating power from waves. Passat wave energy converter works on a technology that's based on “Oscillating water column”. The power generated out of the OSW is about 120KW on the maximum to 21 KW on an average.

There had been significant tests and trial exercises that were done and the result were quite significant. Some of the sites are Le Croisic (France) and other potential clients are Guinea-Bissau - 16 MW financed by World Bank, Namibia: To supply electricity to the mining companies ,Morocco: to supply electricity to the fisheries in the south and  Brazil.

Process diagram
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