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Vision & Mission
SATAREM Worldwide
SATAREM was created in 1992 by Mr.Jérôme Friler and Mr.Adolf Wong, registered in Switzerland and operating across the globe providing solutions for heavy engineering industries. The services include right from project feasibility study, complete plant design and engineering, equipment fabrication, plant installation, start-up and operation, personnel training and product development.

Satarem has to its core expertise into cement industry projects; however it has integrated its application and experiences into solutions in Waste Management, Non-conventional energy management & even Oil Equipments. Its core engineering experience manifests into areas of Clean Energy Development with sensitivity to Environment and Development.
Satarem has projects implemented in the following avenues
  • Municipal Corporation waste to Energy (M-WTE) Project
  • Wind Energy
  • Wave Energy
  • Bio-fuels
  • Oil & Gas Equipments
Satarem’s Clients include most major cement producers around the world such as LAFARGE, HOLCIM, ITALCEMENTI, HEIDELBERGER, CIMPOR, VICAT, GIC, etc.

Satarem India is a JV between M/s.Shivrams Associates Pvt Ltd. and Satarem AG to penetrate the Indian markets and serve the high pressures for its growing Energy Demand. With the Geo-political limitation of numerous technologies; Satarem India envisages to provide a tailor fit product of serving Environment with its Clean Energy Development programme. India’s development is on a threshold and looking for a robust growth around the factor of Energy.

M/s.Shivrams Associates Pvt. Ltd., has a five decades of absolute dominant and prominent presence in promoting and developing concepts and markets for products in India and surround. This synergy with the world’s best technical, engineering & forward looking with the most aggressive company in India puts forth opportunity to provide the best solutions to the growing, demanding and desperate need of CLEAN Energy


The sustained growing being experienced by the Latin American countries in recent years along with a faster grow of mid-size and big-size cities pose governments and private sector several challenges; proper disposal of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), higher demand of electricity and housing projects for growing populations are some of the most important.

By combining efficient, well developed and proven technologies fulfilling International Standards with a seasoned team of professionals with experience in infrastructure projects including waste management, power generation and cement industry, SATAREM Latina represents a real solution for LatinAmerican cities’ challenges.

We aim to support private companies as well as governments in Latin America, to reach their long term targets to be leaders in their markets and growing cities within a sustainable development concept.


SATAREM Africa has been the first Company to introduce Waste to Energy in Africa. In order to secure the waste quantity and quality to maximize the electricity output, SATAREM Africa is also implementing efficient and modern waste collection systems. SATAREM Africa is also developing solar projects as it helps the countries to decrease their fuel consumption and makes good sense given the amount of the sun energy they receive.

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