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Satarem grate coolers are based on our many years of R&D and actual experience of cooler operation and modifications. Our unique high efficiency grate coolers are designed to be of higher reliability, better heat recovery, more stable operation and without maintenance.

Our coolers:
  • Enhance the capacity
  • Increase the heat recovery
  • Increase the secondary and tertiary air temperature
  • Improve the cement quality
  • Reduce the operation and maintenance cost
  • Ensure the continuous operation
Satarem has modified more than 100 grate coolers around the world. The majority are famous equipment manufacturer’s products. Our coolers are developed specially to fulfill our clients requirements on top of enhancing the performances and solving the maintenance problems.
  • Free Wheel & Guiding Wheel keep the moving frame in the axis
  • Better sealing since no outside wheels
  • Make maintenance easier
To optimize the cooling area : Grate area Load= Cooler capacity/Grate Area
The main parameters:
  • Cooler clinker      :    60° C+ambient temp
  • Heat recovery     :    75% up
  • Air consumption  :    1.9-2.2 Nm3/kg
  • Secondary Air     :    1150° C up
  • Tertiary                :    800° C up
Satarem has a unique technology that can maximize the grate cooler capacity to 55 TPD/m2
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