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Ball Mills
The newly developed SAT Ball Mill has the same mechanical reliability as the traditional one, but a far lower power consumption. The power consumption can be lower than 20 kWh/t for cement production. It is suitable for either setting up a new system or modifying an existing one.

Characteristics of SAT ball mill
  • A patented SAT special balls amazingly increases the mill efficiency
  • A unique Satarem's liner that has lifting and classying functions
  • A special L/D ratio, much smaller than a traditional mill
  • Single compartment design without a diaphragm
  • A much larger diameter of inlet and outlet trunnions
  • Better ventilation, and lower pressure drop
  • Lesser the filling ratio, lesser the ball use comparing to a traditional mill
  • With satarem’s high efficiency separator, the system runs more smoothly
  • With the relatively higher ventilation speed in the mill, the materials are moving faster
  • A better option for the increase of capacity and the saving of power compared to a roller press system

Capacity: Power consumption under 350m2/kg Blaine(kWh/T)

Closed Circuit Roller Press
Roller Press
SAT Ball Mill
Ball Mill 37.5 28 17.12 27
Roll Press - 4.8 9.6 -
Separator 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.5
Coarse Separator - - 0.6 -
Separator Fan 2.3 2.3 2.6 3.6
Ventilation Fan 0.8 0.6 0.5 0.8
Auxiliary Equipment 1.2 1.6 1.8 1.0
Total Consumption(kWh/T) 43.0 38.5 34.5 32.9
The Conventional ball mill uses the ordinary shape balls. The Contact areas between balls, liners and materials are very small. Clearly, a great amount of energy is wasted on useless work. Based on these, SAT Special balls can immensely expand the contact area. At the same time, the impact and grinding ability are dramatically improved. Obviously, SAT grinding systems are far better than the conventional ones in terms of power saving.
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