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Corporate Milestones
  • 1998 SATAREM SARL (France) is taken over by Mr. Jerome Friler.
  • 2000 Creation of SATAREM CHINA LTD in Hong Kong a Financial Holding with Mr. Adolf Wong, former Operator Director of Green Island Cement Group. Experienced cement plant operators join the Company to complete the engineering side to provide complete solutions to the client.
  • 2001 Opening of SATAREM CHINA in Guanzhou (Canton).
  • 2002 Opening of SATAREM AMERICAS INC.
  • 2003 Opening of SATAREM Office in Johannesburg.
  • 2005 Hong Kong Green Island Co-Combustion pilot plant is successfully commissioned.
    This is the first complete integrated waste management facility in a cement plant
  • 2006 SATAREM CHINA LTD. (H.K.) becomes the Holding Company for all SATAREM subsidiaries.
  • 2007 Opening of SATAREM CHINA new office in Shanghai.
    Opening of SATAREM RUSSIA.
    Commissioning of 100 th successful cooler upgrade.
  • 2008 New investments will be made in R & D for complete integrated waste management in cement plants.
  • 2008 Opening of SATAREM A.G, the new Head quarter in Europe.
  • 2010 Opening of SATAREM INDIA in Bangalore and Coimbatore.
  • 2012 Opening of SATAREM office in Bogota, Colombia.
  • 2013 Opening of SATAREM GUINEE in Conakry.
  • 2013 Opening of SATAREM CONGO in Pointe - Noire.
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